Jim Doran

Consulting focus: Assessing and improving operations, manufacturing and development and transfer of new technologies, leading to improved business results.

Mr. Doran is currently an executive-level consultant for companies ranging from small start-ups to multi-billion dollar international corporations. His recent consulting experience includes engagements with Brewer Science, Digimarc, Ramtron, Sun Power and Transphorm. Mr. Doran’s expertise is in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of technology companies and developing and leading strategies and initiatives to improve their competitiveness. He also helps companies form partnerships and joint ventures, where his extensive international and joint-venture experience is a major benefit. Mr. Doran also serves as a consulting partner with L.B. Day & Company, Inc., a West Coast-based strategic planning and organization-development consulting firm.

Mr. Doran has had a successful 40-year career in the semiconductor business. He started as a process engineer at Signetics, advanced to engineering and operations management at Intersil, ran development facilities for Intel, then ran semiconductor fabs for AMD in California, Texas, and Germany. Mr. Doran has been COO for Spansion, where he ran all aspects of operations worldwide.  Most recently, he served as the first Senior VP of Worldwide Operations for GlobalFoundries, running the factories in Germany, Singapore, and New York. Mr. Doran has had extensive international experience in Germany, Japan, China, Malaysia, and Thailand, and he helped establish one of the most successful US/Japan joint ventures (Fujitsu AMD Semiconductor Limited) and one of the most successful solar joint ventures (Sunpower and AUO).

Mr. Doran holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Northwestern University and a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Wisconsin. He has served on the Board of Directors of publicly traded companies Spansion and Ramtron, and on various Advisory Boards. Mr. Doran has been a frequent speaker at technology conferences in the US, Germany and Japan. He also served as the executive leader of ISSM (International Semiconductor Symposium on Manufacturing), and has been a frequent guest speaker at Stanford as part of SIMA (the Stanford Industry Manufacturing Association).