L.B Day

Consulting focus: Leading the strategic planning process, customer / supplier problem-solving, organization design and executive development. His knowledge and experience of group dynamics allow him to get the best out of the organization’s strategic team.

L.B. Day is president of L.B. Day & Company, Inc., whose parent company he co-founded in 1977. Well known for his work in strategic planning, organization design and executive team development, Mr. Day has consulted at the executive level with organizations that include Advanced Micro Devices, Applied Materials, Brewer Science, DuPont-Air Products  Nanomaterials, Digimarc, Fujitsu, Global Foundries, IBM, Intel, Lam Research, Mary’s Woods, New Focus, NWEA, Valid USA, Ramtron, Raytheon, Sun Microsystems, TechWise, Western Digital, YottaMark, Xerox, and various US government agencies, implementing strategic planning, marketing, organization improvement and executive-team development strategies. He has developed professional texts and training materials on strategic planning, culture development and team leadership, and has held the positions of adjunct professor at the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology and the Willamette University Graduate School of Administration. 

Mr. Day and his colleagues provide strategic counsel for their customers that includes strategic planning processes for identifying plausible success scenarios. Customers use these to increase competitiveness and to become more responsive to their markets, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders. The efforts of Mr. Day and his colleagues have been of great assistance to organizations in their drive to achieve and sustain market leadership.

Mr. Day has been published in various trade publications on strategic planning, leading change, and team leadership. He is currently developing competitive factor assessments geared to help client organizations incorporate their competitive assessment findings into their strategic plans.

Mr. Day earned his MBA from George Washington University, where he was a Scottish Rite Fellow.  He has served on numerous boards including those of startups, nonprofits and publicly held companies.  He currently serves on the board of directors of Microchip Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP)