organization design






Strategic Planning

Strategy is the company’s formula for maximum success, specifying the direction the company is pursuing and providing the basic direction for all employees. The strategy stipulates the shared vision of its leaders and the goals necessary to achieve this vision. It also delineates the products or services to be provided, the markets to be served, the company's competitive advantage, and the value to be offered to the customer.

our Approach

Our deep and rich experience with companies of different sizes and industry types allows us to offer a proven strategic-planning process that enables companies’ continued success. We work with our clients to assess their present and future market opportunities, evaluate their situation in these market segments, and define an approach to become their customers’ supplier of choice. We then help the clients set plans and align their resources to the high-leverage targets they have selected.


Organization Design

Organizations often grow haphazardly and yet once their form is set, it is seemingly permanent.  Companies are therefore often configured poorly to apply resources most effectively to plans, or to achieve current strategy. We help our clients define the best possible structure to accomplish their strategies. 


We are skilled at helping our clients position the right leadership talent, organizational structure, and best core processes and systems to achieve plans. We work with the executive team to ensure organizational changes are effective and the organization's leaders know how to initiate them. Outcomes include:

  • Updated organization strategy
  • Plans for implementing desired changes
  • A process to bring employees together to support the achievement of company strategy and goals


Creating Operational Excellence

Organizations with a strong technology focus are not always operationally proficient at providing customer’s high-volume, high-quality products at low cost. This limits their ability to penetrate new markets and customers and limits their potential to earn good profits. We help organizations develop operational systems and processes so their technology can be the basis of great products and services desired by the marketplace.  Manufacturing should be a competitive advantage for your company.

OUR Approach

We assess your company’s operations in comparison to the best practices of the most successful companies in your field. We then provide a ‘gap analysis’ showing where your company has the greatest opportunities for improvement. We work with your operations team to address these areas and develop your operational competence to reach your full potential.

We also help our clients determine the best model for scaling their technology to deliver highly desirable products to their marketplace by:

  • Ensuring their products calibrate to the specific needs of their customers
  • Ensuring their operations, processes and tools are sufficiently robust to successfully support the transfer to high-volume manufacturing
  • Developing best practices for the transferring their technology to partners.


Leadership Development

We help our clients develop internal leadership and coaching for all levels of leaders, a step crucial to companies’ success. Being able to build internal leaders is a core competency that distinguishes best-performing organizations. Such practices as 360-degree feedback, culture training and leadership-skills coaching from experienced third parties provide improvements in leader performance and create upward impacts for the company.

To assist client companies in developing their leaders, we provide comprehensive, interview-based 360-degree performance feedback for top leaders, executive coaching, and leadership-development training. Our leadership training has a strategy focus, so leaders come away with improved skills and forward movement on providing customer value.